Saturday, 21 February 2015

Bow Wow Pie - New print

Next up is this print that explores the amusing story that supposedly defines the origins of the Bow Wow Pie of Painswick in Gloucestershire.

Once upon a time there were two sisters, each who had a lover from another town. the distance meant their sweethearts visited only very occasionally, but when they did the sisters would bake all sorts of cakes and pies for their arrival to prove what wonderful housewives they would be. However, they soon discovered the irregular visits were because their suitors were really in love with two other maidens from a neighbouring town. As revenge when their suitors came to visit they baked a most marvellous pie. As it was so tasty the men asked for the recipe, only for the sisters to reveal with malice that it was made from puppy dogs. The young men fled in horror leaving the sisters triumphant in their vengeance. These days, the first bow-wow pie, as it has since been named, is celebrated each year on feast day with a fruit pie full of china puppies and a large dog on top.

The print is superbly printed by The Print Block. (thank you my screen printing saviour!)Edition of 30, 3 colours, £100 each. 60x70cm paper, 55x65cm print. Email if you are interested in purchasing one at alice@alicepattullo.comWatch this space for another print in this series - there is one in progress as we speak!

Hevva Cake - New Print

First up is this print that explores the tradition of the Cornish 'Hevva' Cake.The tradition of the Cornish 'Hevva' cake originates from the the pilchard fishing communities. When the fishermen were out at sea, a watchman, known as a 'Huer' would stand on the edge of the cliffs to look out for the pilchard shoals. When he spotted a shoal he would call out 'Hevva!Hevva!' to help the fishermen locate the fish. When the wives at home heard the Huer's cries they knew their husbands would be home shortly. The wives would then make a quick cake full of currants and scored with a criss-cross design to resemble a fishing net full of fish, which would feed the fishermen on their return.The print is superbly printed by The Print Block. (thank you my screen printing saviour!)Edition of 30, 3 colours, £100 each. 60x70cm paper, 55x65cm print. Email if you are interested in purchasing one at


And finally I have filled in a few gaps over the last year and am up to date now...!
Here are some new prints I have been working on exploring unusual British baking traditions - to be part of as loose series so watch this space for more...
I will feature each one separately to provide a bit more info but they are ready for sale!

3 colour screen prints, each an edition of 30, £100 each. 60x70cm paper with image size 55x65cm. If you are interested in purchasing either one (or both!) send me an email to to organise.

Pattern and print

For  almost a year now I have been working with a design firm producing some work for a high street restaurant producing patterns and illustrations for use in the design work. I'm not sure I can say a whole lot more at the moment but I will profile the project properly when I finally get round to updating my website. In the meantime here is some nice photos of some of the things that we got to work up into screen print. 

Work in Progress

As mentioned before - although seemingly terrible at keeping my blog up to date - I am marginally better at keeping my instagram up to date - here are a few snippets of some nice things I've been working on over the past few months...

Spring Fling 2015

I was delighted to be asked by Bremner Design to produce the cover of this year's Spring Fling Open Studio event in Dumfries and Galloway (23rd-25th May if you are planning a trip!) Having been brought up on yearly caravan holidays in Dumfries and Galloway it felt slightly poignant to be working on something that celebrates this area and the artists and maker within it!

Weingut Schrock - Allesandri Design

Here is 2 wine labels (from an ongoing project) that I worked on with Austrian based design firm Allesandri Design for Austrian winemaker Heidi Schrock. I think in effect they are 'dessert' wines but the newly designed labels are supposed to encourage people to try drinking these sweeter wines with a variety of different foods that will complement the taste. (Apologies for the terrible photos of the bottles over our dirty kitchen floor on a dark day...)